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So after I spent yesterday spamming everyone's flist with all my posts for my Big Bang, I suddenly had a bunch of random things I wanted to post, too, and I had to wait until today.

First, [ profile] vengefuldemon69 's fanmix for my Big Bang is awesome, and her post for it introduced me to Did you know you can make and post a playmix (in a widget; not for download) as easy as pie? It makes me want to go through and do quick fanmix playlists for all my fics. It's like an instant soundtrack, and it makes me happy.

Second, yes, I did actually watch the last Smallville episode, "Homecoming," and while there were a lot of problems with it, I appreciated that they were addressing the meta concerns about the stagnation of Clark's character and how long it's taking him to become Superman, not to mention the way the writers keep bringing up old issues and making Clark unforgiving of mistakes. And I adored the future scenes. A lot.

Third, which is related to second, is this very fun Lois/Clark (plus a little of the rest of the cast) vid:

Fourth, um, I thought Jensen did a great job of directing Supernatural 6x04. Love Bobby!

And I guess that's all I had the sudden urge to share yesterday probably only because I couldn't after having posted so much already. lol
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A while back I posted the Space "Superheroes" commercial, and I promised I'd be back with the villains one when I found it. So here it is - the Space "Supervillains" commercial first aired during Halloween 2009.

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This is why Canada is so great. If you're Canadian, I know you've seen this; it's one of my two favourite commercials, and it's for the Space channel. As soon as I can find the one with supervillains, I'll share that one, too.

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Yes, I know, it's been forever since I've posted, and I don't seem to be getting any better at getting back into a regular routine of any kind when it comes to posting--especially of the fic variety. I'm still working on it. And, perhaps not so incidentally, I'm still working on some fics.

And, of course, I'm slowly making my way through the journals of all my lovelies to see if there is fic to be found. It's like a treasure hunt, only a lot more work.

Please forgive me if I'm late in commenting--or, you know, if I miss something entirely--because there are a hell of a lot of posts to flip through and only so many things I can comment on. If you have something you really want me to read, send me a link and I'll get back to you. *shrugs sheepishly*

In the meantime, enjoy a little vid of the only version of "Hallelujah" I've ever found to rival Jeff Buckley's. Others have come in a fairly close second or third, but this one by Constantine Maroulis I love just as much as I love Jeff Buckley's. (Now if only there weren't the occasional irritating shout-out marring this live performance, and if only I could get a clean track of this version to listen to forever...)


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I told BradyGirl I'd give her my list of favourite Kirk/Spock fics, and then Saavikam was bemoaning the lack of Trekslash, so I thought it would be a good idea to post a few recs. K/S fic is a little hard to find--well, free and online, anyway; there are zines with tons of stories, but you have to purchase them--and good K/S fic is even harder to find. I'm hoping the new movie will bring more about, but until then, here are my offered recs. If you've read them already, which you probably have, read them again because they're really good. If you haven't read them, give them a try.

Here be Kirk/Spock fic recs. )

Finally, take a look at this brilliant Kirk/Spock vid I found. (or if you want the link, Running Up That Hill.)

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For everyone on my flist who loves Kara/Lee from the new BSG, this is a video you need to watch. I found it today, and it is my very favourite Kara/Lee vid, because not only is it edited beautifully, with tons of clips and a song that's perfect for them, but because it is everything I love about Kara/Lee. Please take a look; I know you won't be disappointed.


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