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I am ladybugkay on AO3, though I have barely begun to import my fics from here to there, so be patient if AO3 is your preferred site for fanfic.

Boring warnings about what you'll find here: This journal is, for the most part, a place to post fanfic I've written. Occasionally, there might be adult content (themes, language, situations, etc.) in my writing, but there will be warning provided for anything with a rating of PG-13 or higher. This means that some fics will involve sexual situations. Also, I write mostly slash and canon homosexual pairings, so if that's not something you enjoy, skip on by. Remember that the choice to read or not is yours, so constructive criticism only, please, without resorting to personal attacks or derogatory language. No flaming, please. If something I've written bothers you that much, all you have to do is leave my journal.

To cover my ass with LJ: Any and all sexual situations depicted within my writing occur between two consenting individuals who are both past the age of consent.

To cover my ass with everyone else (lawyers, etc.): As everyone even remotely involved in fandom knows, I do not own the characters or their established worlds, and I receive no monetary compensation for my work. I am simply a fan and wish to show my interest and appreciation for the books/comics/TVshows/movies/etc. that I love. I do, however, appreciate feedback. Please don't sue me.

What I write: The majority of my fic tends to be in the DC universe (Bruce/Dick, Bruce/Clark, Dick/Tim, Clark/Dick), but I also write Smallville fic (Clark/Oliver, occasionally Clark/Lois), Battlestar Galactica fic (Kara/Lee), Queer as Folk fic (Brian/Justin), Supernatural fic (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean), Torchwood fic (Jack/Ianto), Doctor Who fic (Doctor/Rose), Stargate:Atlantis fic (John/Rodney), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fic (Derek/Cameron, John/Cameron), Merlin fic (Merlin/Arthur), Due South fic (Fraser/RayK), and Roswell fic (Max/Michael, Max Kyle). Sometimes I dabble in other fandoms, too. And I've even written a couple of crossovers.

Friending policy: If you want to friend me, go right ahead. I have absolutely no objections, and if I have the time, I'll take a look at your journal. Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back -- it's a time isssue. I've got a lot of people on my flist and not enough time even for them, and I read only the pairings I enjoy. So if I friend you and I don't seem to be commenting on your fics, I apologize -- you are probably writing a pairing that I don't read; it doesn't mean I dislike your writing or you or anything like that. It's just a personal preference.

On archiving: If you want to archive any of my stories, please ask first.

I am no longer on InsaneJournal because my computer/e-mail caught a virus through there AND I kept getting spammed by some bot or other. So until I import my journal to DW, I'm just on LJ.

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