Woe is me.

Feb. 19th, 2012 02:18 am
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I know, I know, I know. It's like I post only to promise fic and never deliver on it.

But that whole Superman/Batman longfic I mentioned I was working on? The big ole linchpin of a sex scene - my first threesome, incidentally - just will not come together. Um, that pun was unintentional. But even though this major scene was the idea behind the whole fic, and I know visually what I want to happen, the writing of it is going absolutely nowhere. And I have to finish that off before I can get the ending done and then re-edit the whole damned thing. Arrgh!

Meanwhile, of course, work has been sucking like some superpowered vacuum cleaner, everyone I see there makes me want to punch something these days, a new friend I thought was just a friend has been saying things that have made me realize he thinks this is something more and I'm really freaking terrible at handling situations like that, and I have refused to allow myself to read any of the S/B fics for that big project I had to bail out on at Christmas - at least not until I finish my own bastard of a story.

Sorry. My rant is showing again.

Anway, to all those to whom I owe fic/comments, my apologies. As ever. It's a reward system in which I can't allow myself to partake until I finish all my vegetable. Or in this case, my own story.

I really miss the days when I could spend so much time on LJ and talk to everyone and comment on things and post a bunch of stories all the time. :(
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