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Um. Hi.

Yes, it's me. It's been forever, I know, and I have, once again, been wholly absent from LJ - aside from some lurking in certain fandoms - and as a result, this means I have been ignoring all of you lovely people. Not that that is what I wanted to do. I don't want to ignore you. I feel terribly about having ignored you. I doubt I'll have any internet friends left with the way I've been going.

But, as I've said before and we'll hope this time sticks, I'm trying to stage a comeback. I have a fic in the works and it is almost finished. Admittedly, it was supposed to be for a holiday project for which I didn't meet the deadline, but in my defense, I've been pretty damned sick TWICE over the last month and a half (I'm sick of being sick already!) and then my damned internet connection...

Well. Anyway. Suffice to say: there are reasons, if not excuses. But on the plus side, this means that in the next week or so, I will be posting a nice, long, approximately 20, 000 words in length, Superman/Batman (Clark/Bruce) fic. Now, it's been ages and ages, probably a good year and a half or so, since I've written this pairing, so let's hope I've remembered how. But there will be fic, assuming there's anyone around to read it. I just have to finish up the big sex scene that was the inspiration for the whole fic and which defied being written for months, and then do the wrap-up and editing and get it betad and... voila.

So this is me. Waving my little flag in the wasteland and saying 'hey' and 'stay tuned.'

.........and if there is anyone out there, I recently read something referring to what are known as "sweater fics" or "warm, fuzzy sweater fics." These are fics that are purely feel-good stories that you love to come back to over and over and reread because they make you feel so happy. I like to call them "my happy place" fics. Rec me some of yours? Any fandom I read or might read would be fantastic (eg. DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Inception, Glee, Merlin, Harry Potter, Doctor Who/ Torchwood, Smallville, T:SCC, Buffy/Angel/Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, NCIS:LA, Hawaii 5-0, Sherlock Holmes/ Sherlock BBC, The Fast and the Furious, Queer As Folk). Even if you aren't sure if I do read in that fandom, if you think I should read a fic, go ahead and rec it for me anyway? Pretty, pretty please?

*waits and listens to the crickets* ;)
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