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Ah, DC. When the going gets tough, the higher-ups get rebooting.

I'm torn.

While I have missed Dick as Nightwing, I don't really like the new red suit - especially as it's missing the arm/finger stripes. The red eyes also have me concerned. And I'm quite sad that they're splitting up Dick and Damian, because I think they're a great team and their dynamic is kind of awesome. The current Batman & Robin series is a lot of fun. Besides, Damian as Bruce's Robin? I don't think so. Dick is the only one who can handle that kid and actually have an emotional connection with him.

And is it just me or do TPTB at DC seem to enjoy giving away bits of Dick's legacy/continuity? In the very beginning, it was his Robin identity. Possibly I still resent that, to a certain degree, but mostly I've accepted it. Then it was his future Red Robin identity from Kingdom Come given to Tim. Fair enough. The cowl is not my favourite look. Now, however, it's Jason running off with Roy and Starfire - two characters whose histories are inextricably intertwined with Dick's. Maybe it's just my Dick favouritism rearing its pixie-booted head, but I'm leery of some aspects of this reboot. Though at least Roy will get his arm back, from the looks of things; and potentially Lian, too.

Thoughts, anyone?


(I must say how pleased I am, though, that no one but Dick ever gets to be Nightwing. That pleases me. It's an identity he created on his own - with some assistance from Kryptonian legend - and it has remained firmly and irrevocably his own. No passing of the torch for Nightwing. It's Dick or bust.)

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