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It's a little bit meta, this feeling inside. I'm not one of those who can easily hide.... ;)

Ah, more Glee fic. And this time, in defense of (some) of the canon of 2x09. SPOILERS 

Title: Big Fish Meet Different Pond
Author: ladybugkay
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1211
Spoilers/Warnings: through 2x09 “Special Education”; warning for meta; angst
Summary: Wes hasn’t made up his mind yet about their newest Warbler. Wes POV.
Disclaimer: Oh, Ryan Murphy and Fox and all those other wealthy people own the characters. I get nothing for this.
Note: There seems to be a lot of negative reaction toward Blaine and the Warblers and Dalton in general after this episode, and while I can absolutely understand it, and am not entirely comfortable myself with the way the writers chose to go in the ep, I don’t think the Dalton boys are entirely in the wrong. I love Kurt, but let’s step outside his POV for a moment. That’s what this is an attempt to be, anyway. Yes, this is meta. 
Wes doesn’t know what he thinks about Kurt Hummel. He knows Blaine is heels over head for the kid, knows Kurt can sing like no one else in the group, and he knows the bullying must have gotten pretty bad for Kurt to transfer here in the space of a day.
And he knows precisely who is responsible for convincing his father – who is always at least halfway across the globe – to get his lawyers to whip up an “Urgent Circumstances” scholarship tailor-made for someone who needs to get the hell out of public school in a hurry but doesn’t have a lot of money to make that happen.
Heels. Over. Head.
But Wes also knows that Kurt doesn’t seem to recognize what professionalism means aside from competing his heart out for solos. He’s still the new kid to a group based on elaborate harmonies and vocal cohesion. Sure, they have their soloist giving it all he’s got in terms of personality and punch, but their identity as a group, what makes the Warblers unique and distinct from all the other show choirs, is how seamlessly all the other singers integrate their voices to form the foundation of their sound. They’re not the New Directions. The New Directions are an amazing choir, with tons of energy and heart, and their performances are always joyful and showcase the individuality of their performers. And that’s great, that’s wonderful, they own that style. Just like Vocal Adrenaline own their technical precision and sheer flash and impeccable style.
But the Warblers are like neither of those groups, and Wes wasn’t lying when he told Kurt he appreciated his enthusiasm and his ideas, but the kid needs to realize he can’t just come in here and start changing the entire identity of the Warblers, telling them how they need to be more like the New Directions.
It isn’t that Kurt’s audition wasn’t good enough for him to get the solo and lead at Sectionals, or even that he was too new for them to give it to him. It’s that they decided weeks ago on “Hey, Soul Sister” – my god, can you imagine if they didn’t have their songs chosen this close to Sectionals? What kind of slap-dash affair does Kurt think this is, anyway? So as fantastic as Kurt’s voice and stage presence are, they simply don’t suit the song the Council has selected. Wes can see how disappointed Kurt is by their decision, and he can tell by the expression on his face that Kurt thinks he should have gotten the solo and is wondering if they expect him to become some kind of clone in order to fit in. Wes finds himself hoping Kurt realizes that’s not the case, that they don’t want Kurt to become someone else, just to adapt himself to a new style of performing when it comes to a glee club. Whoever he wants to be as a person, however he wants to sing outside of the Warblers, is entirely up to Kurt, and Wes, for one, will be more than happy to be friends with him. Nor is he the only one. David and Kurt are well on their way to being friends, and Adam has latched onto Kurt like he’s finally figured out who he wants to be when he grows up.
Blaine, of course, is already halfway to monogrammed towels and shared meals in their own private breakfast nook, at least in his head. Not that he doesn’t already consider Kurt a good friend, because he does, that’s clear; it’s just that it’s easy to see how much he wants him and Kurt to be more than just good friends.
Sectionals gives Wes a bad feeling about how this is all going to end, though, and he hopes like hell Blaine doesn’t get his heart broken over this kid. What happens is that while Blaine is killing it, as always, out in front shining and dancing like he’s doing it for the sheer joy of it; while David has that grin on his face he always does when he’s singing, the one that grows bigger whenever he can see Blaine, because those two just feed off each other in performances; while every other Warbler is grooving along and having fun, wide smiles all around because they do this because they love it; while all this is going on, Wes can’t help but notice that Kurt isn’t giving his best shot.
He’s seen this kid perform, he’s looked up old competition footage of him on YouTube after Blaine flat-out told them they had to take him to Sectionals even though he’d had only a couple of days rehearsal, and Wes knows what Kurt can do, the kind of fire he shows when he’s performing. But at Sectionals, as one of the Warblers now, Kurt is half-assing it. He looks uncomfortable and unhappy, and when he finally does start to smile, he looks like it hurts him to do it. He doesn’t even smile genuinely when Blaine sings right to him again, and Wes still remembers the awestruck, adoring look the kid had on his face that first day as Blaine serenaded him with “Teenage Dream.” Wes can’t be sure, but there are times during the song that he isn’t even convinced Kurt is actually singing at all, especially on their second number.
It’s disappointing. Wes is disappointed in Kurt. If he didn’t want to be here, if it bothered him that much to be part of the background harmony of a song he hadn’t chosen, then Kurt didn’t have to perform. They didn’t force him to compete. They welcomed him to their group, to perform as one of them, and they trusted him to be in this all the way and not undermine them by not giving a hundred percent. They all know what Jesse St. James did to that girl Rachel last year, and after Kurt’s rather inept attempt at infiltration, Wes (and David and Blaine, though especially Blaine) had been more than convinced that Kurt wasn’t out to sabotage them. But Wes can’t help thinking, as their tie with New Directions is announced, that even though what Kurt did – or didn’t do – can’t be put into the same class as Jesse’s manipulation and betrayal, it still feels a little like that.
Kurt has issues, but Wes knows that so does Blaine, and just because he acts like some life coach with no problems of his own doesn’t mean Blaine hasn’t lived through a hell of a lot of his own bad times, both before and after he came to Dalton. Blaine is Wes’s friend, a good friend, and even though Kurt seems like a good guy, Wes is still reserving judgment. On Blaine’s behalf.
Wes knows Blaine is heels over head for the guy; he knows Kurt doesn’t want to be here and is afraid he’s traded his individuality and unique identity for mere physical safety and a bunch of rules that chafe; and he knows it’s only a matter of time before Kurt transfers back to McKinley and breaks that fragile bubble of fairtytale romance that’s all that is protecting Blaine’s heart.
So Wes doesn’t know what he thinks about Kurt Hummel. Not really. 


Also, what is up with this LJ font? What happened to it and how do I change it back?
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